The attempt to saddle the Mackinac Bridge Authority with oversight of a utility tunnel is making news. Newest stories at the top.

  1. Snyder scraps plan to put Line 5 tunnel under bridge authority
    • 12/3/18 DETROIT FREE PRESS: The Snyder administration has scrapped plans to put a proposed Line 5 tunnel under the control of the Mackinac Bridge Authority and is scrambling to draft legislation to create a new entity for that job, a key senator confirmed Monday.
  2. Don’t force Enbridge tunnel on Mackinac Bridge Authority
    • 12/1/18 DETROIT FREE PRESS: The outgoing governor’s plan to force the ownership and responsibility for a Mackinac Straits tunnel project on the Mackinac Bridge Authority through a public/private partnership was hatched behind closed doors for months prior to it being made public last month when an agreement between the State of Michigan and Enbridge was signed.
  3. Our View — Protect the Mackinac Bridge, not Enbridge
    • 11/30/18 PETOSKEY NEWS-REVIEW: A proposed bill would expand the mission and focus of the 1952 charter for the Mackinac Bridge Authority, giving it the ability to take ownership of a tunnel housing Line 5 for Canadian company Enbridge, should be scrapped.
  4. Forum: A lame-duck magic tunnel swap?
    • 11/30/18 RECORD-EAGLE: The real purpose of a tunnel agreement is to keep the oil and profit flowing as long as possible. Enbridge profits greatly each year that Line 5 operates, so it is simply doing business.
  5. Senate panel passes Enbridge Line 5 bill despite fierce protests
    • 11/29/18 DETROIT FREE PRESS: A lame-duck legislative move to complete a deal with Enbridge to build a tunnel around the Line 5 pipeline under the Straits of Mackinac drew almost universal howls of protest at a Senate committee hearing Wednesday.
  6. Line 5 pipeline’s future uncertain
    • 11/29/18 THE SARNIA OBSERVER: At the same time the lack of new pipeline capacity is fueling an economic crisis for Alberta oil producers, a 65-year-old pipeline carrying up to 540,000 barrels of oil and natural gas liquids a day to eastern refineries and customers is at risk following this month’s state elections in Michigan.
  7. Citizen Group Opposes Mackinac Utility Tunnel Bill
    • 11/27/18 9&10 NEWS: The fight for what is to be done concerning oil pipelines and the Straits of Mackinac have gone on for years. Now there is an attempt to force the Mackinac Bridge Authority to take on the pipelines. The Friends of the Mackinac Bridge say putting it on the Authority would leave them liable for any litigation from a future spill and technically make the land state property.
  8. Bill Analysis
    • 11/27/18 SENATE FISCAL AGENCY: The bill would have an indeterminate, potentially large, fiscal impact on the Department of Transportation and local units of government.
  9. Should MBA Oversee Tunnel?
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    • 11/13/18 ST IGNACE NEWS: Many opponents of the plan say the issue of whether the Mackinac Bridge Authority should oversee yet another large state infrastructure project is separate from whether a tunnel is the best solution to Line 5, as many call for a new tunnel authority to be created.
  10. Whitmer and Nessel expected to fight Line 5 tunnel agreement
    • 11/11/18 DETROIT FREE PRESS: Michigan’s new governor and attorney general are expected to try to undo state agreements with Enbridge to build a Line 5 oil pipeline tunnel, even if the current administration, as expected, pushes through the agreements before the end of the year.
  11. Line 5 tunnel proposal heads into turbulent waters
    • 11/11/18 DETROIT NEWS: A decision on whether the Mackinac Bridge Authority oversees Enbridge’s construction of a 4-mile, pipeline-housing tunnel beneath the Straits of Mackinac could be aided by last-minute legislation.
  12. Reject Line 5 tunnel proposal, urges former Mackinac Bridge chairman
    • 11/9/18 MLIVE: If the Mackinac Bridge Authority takes ownership of a proposed tunnel beneath the straits of Mackinac – housing an oil pipeline for Enbridge Energy – it would divert the authority’s attention from its main purpose: managing the Mackinac Bridge.
  13. My family helped build Mackinac Bridge. MBA shouldn’t own Line 5 tunnel.
    • 11/8/18 BRIDGE: Plans calling for the Mackinac Bridge Authority to own the proposed Enbridge Energy oil tunnel beneath the Straits of Mackinac are ill-advised and not in the best interests of the Mackinac Bridge.
  14. Bridge Authority Hears Line 5 Tunnel Proposal
    • 11/8/18 UP NORTH LIVE: The Mackinac Bridge Authority is seeing a bigger crowd than normal at their regularly scheduled meeting Thursday.
  15. MBA in no hurry to consider Line 5 tunnel deal
    • 11/8/18 BRIDGE: former members of the independent, seven-member agency that oversees the Mackinac Bridge were among dozens to voice opposition to the linchpin of proposal: Having the bridge authority agree to oversee and own the tunnel that is expected to cost $350 million to $500 million.
  16. Opinion: Bad Enbridge deal risks Michigan’s future
    • 11/7/18 DETROIT NEWS: The transformation of Michigan’s image from that of a Rust Belt wasteland into Pure Michigan is nothing short of amazing — and a story of hard work and good government. The Line 5 pipelines that run under the Straits of Mackinac could [be a] final tipping point.

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