Anyone that has walked across this majestic span, driven from one peninsula to the next, or has even seen a Michigan license plate, can rest assured that the Mackinac Bridge Authority (MBA) has done a fantastic job at maintaining and operating the Mighty Mac.

If you believe that the MBA should have a sole purpose of maintaining and operating the bridge, and reject the addition of utility tunnel oversight, add your name here.

I strongly urge all those in Lansing and elsewhere to protect the Mackinac Bridge and to end attempts to significantly expand the Mackinac Bridge Authority’s role by assigning it responsibilities that have absolutely no relationship to the fundamental mission it has successfully carried out for 68 years.

Dan Musser III

President, Grand Hotel

Endorse an Independent MBA

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Emily Devlin
Cheryl Fecteau

Please proctect Mackinac bridge and keep it under control of Michiganders, not foreign entity.

Joseph Llanes

The need for the pipeline is unnecessary, we need to move towards cleaner alternatives forms of energy. Supporting a pipeline that isn't even operated and delivering oil to the U.S. is absurd, let alone detrimental to the environment. Reject the tunnel, and leave the Great Lakes, Great!

Michael Stoll

The Bridge is a Jewel to our state. It supports thousands of travelers to witness the engineering feat that has been built and designed and well maintained for over 60 years. Please continue with the original intent of the MBA. It is not worth it to hinder its main mission.

Colleen Masserang
Kim Steuck

Many people have many memories surrounding the bridge. Many famiy vacations there. Wwhat about the income from tourism? Pure Michigan will not be the same with out the bridge. How will Michigan economy survive?

Wave Vermeersch
Paul Brink
Dorothey Heit

I urge all lawmakers to listen and hear we the people do not want the risk of a pipeline leak disaster that could possibly happen and destroy our Great Lakes and our Wildlife. And a danger to humans.

Karen Crawford
Renee Powers

No good reason for this 1197 Bill To Pass In The Senate . This Would Kill the environment In so many ways . What lives ( Fish ) in those Lakes is what most of us live on .Fish will not survive the -drilling of 7 yrs. If bill passes I will consider Snyder to Be The” All-time “failure at Governing MI

Jim Smith

Please do not expand the role of the Mackinac Bridge Authority by making them responsible for things outside of their original mission.

Eileen Kell
Alicia LeJeune

The Mackinac Bridge it not only iconic but it is a beautiful necessity. Above and beyond the beauty of sunrise/sunset over the bridge it is a major connection as well as a tourist attraction. We owe it to ourselves as residents and to all the families who visit to have a safe well tended bridge.

Laura McLaurin
kathleen Holczman

we need the people who maintain the bridge and have done a wonderful job so far to keep up the good work. It has been maintained for 68 years and inorder to keep it's beauty and the beams from eroiding they need to paint when they need too and upkeep the ledge we have had for centuries.

Patri cia Jackson

I vigorously support your opposition to the assault on definition and purpose of the Mackinac Bridge Authority represented by SB 1197

Lisa Polkinghorne

The Mighty Mac belongs to Michigan!! Let's keep it safe !!


When Gov. John Engler appointed me to chair the Mackinac Bridge Authority, he had one request of me: Look After The Bridge. I am alarmed at the proposed dissolution of the Authority’s sole focus on the bridge. A recently introduced bill has the potential to seriously compromise the MBA’s effectiveness in managing Michigan’s most significant asset.
Read his statement to the Mackinac Bridge Authority

William Gnodtke

Outgoing Chairman, 1997-2018, Mackinac Bridge Authority

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