Anyone that has walked across this majestic span, driven from one peninsula to the next, or has even seen a Michigan license plate, can rest assured that the Mackinac Bridge Authority (MBA) has done a fantastic job at maintaining and operating the Mighty Mac.

If you believe that the MBA should have a sole purpose of maintaining and operating the bridge, and reject the addition of utility tunnel oversight, add your name here.

I strongly urge all those in Lansing and elsewhere to protect the Mackinac Bridge and to end attempts to significantly expand the Mackinac Bridge Authority’s role by assigning it responsibilities that have absolutely no relationship to the fundamental mission it has successfully carried out for 68 years.

Dan Musser III

President, Grand Hotel

Endorse an Independent MBA

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Mary Pelton Cooper

Please listen to the people of Michigan instead of the Canadian Corporation. We do NOT want to pay for a tunnel, and we do NOT want construction under the Straits. Your job is to protect the well-being of Michigan citizens, and that means you must vote against this hastily developed tunnel plan.

Shirley Hoagland

I highly oppose any agreement to extend the use of Line 5 in the straights. A tunnel will take too long to build thereby extending the risk of leaks from the existing line. It is not necessary and does not benefit Michigan enough to justify a potential environmental disaster.

Gale Shafkind

Leave the Machinac Bridge alone!!

Shannon Philemon

The purpose of the Bridge is to connect the two peninsulas of our state Not to be caretaker of a utility tunnel for a foreign company that puts our drinking water and livelihood at risk. Why would our representatives vote in favor for something that brings serious risk to our lakes?

Jon LaSalle

The independence of the Mackinac Bridge Authority (MBA) has allowed the MBA to maintain its focus solely on its mission: to protect and preserve the Bridge for the people of Michigan. Forcing the MBA to take on responsibility for a "utility tunnel" detracts from its original purpose. Thank you.

Peggy Guyer

The Mackinac Bridge Authority should continue doing what is best for MI!!! They should protect the bridge and not be made to work for Canada!!

Lynne Bemer
Susan Welsford

Reject lame-duck agreements made by Snyder and his lame friends!

David Shelton

Keep the Bridge safe !

Diane Rolf

Leave the NBA alone!

Carol Ervi

Protect our bridge!

betty cullen

MBA should have a sole purpose of maintaining and operating the bridge, and reject the addition of utility tunnel

Daniel Johnson

Do you really need someone to explain what's wrong with this matter. Open your eyes and smell the coffee.

Jennifer Horzelski
Bradley Graham

I veritously urge our State electorate to deniy any additional resposibilities that were attempted to add to the Mackinaw Bridge authority.

Lynn Walker

Vote "NO" on the Pipeline!

Carol King
Jacquelyn Geoffroy
Karen Richardson

It is important for the residents of Michigan to protect the bridge from external forces. The People that have been responsible for maintaining the bridge have done an excellent job and it should not be compromised. I urge that this legislation not be passed.

Teri Hammer

When Gov. John Engler appointed me to chair the Mackinac Bridge Authority, he had one request of me: Look After The Bridge. I am alarmed at the proposed dissolution of the Authority’s sole focus on the bridge. A recently introduced bill has the potential to seriously compromise the MBA’s effectiveness in managing Michigan’s most significant asset.
Read his statement to the Mackinac Bridge Authority

William Gnodtke

Outgoing Chairman, 1997-2018, Mackinac Bridge Authority

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