Anyone that has walked across this majestic span, driven from one peninsula to the next, or has even seen a Michigan license plate, can rest assured that the Mackinac Bridge Authority (MBA) has done a fantastic job at maintaining and operating the Mighty Mac.

If you believe that the MBA should have a sole purpose of maintaining and operating the bridge, and reject the addition of utility tunnel oversight, add your name here.

I strongly urge all those in Lansing and elsewhere to protect the Mackinac Bridge and to end attempts to significantly expand the Mackinac Bridge Authority’s role by assigning it responsibilities that have absolutely no relationship to the fundamental mission it has successfully carried out for 68 years.

Dan Musser III

President, Grand Hotel

Endorse an Independent MBA

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Adam Wells

Nobody believes that the MBA had the sudden desire to change its mission and business. Snyder has hijacked the MBA and packed the board with appointees who will do his bidding. Where are Snyder's motives while he's on his way out of office? Certainly not on the long term health of Michigan.

Mary Hough

Please stop this deal from going through, this burden should NEVER fall on the Mackinac Bridge Authority. Stop Governor Snyder from pushing this underhanded deal through before it's too late. No oil in our waters!

Lorie Butler
Georgia Donovan

The MBA’s job is maintaining the Bridge, not a private oil company‘s dangerous plan.

Bentley Johnson

Overseeing an oil tunnel takes our eye off the ball of ensuring the safety of the Mackinac Bridge. Oil pipelines should not go through the Great Lakes, period. We don't need Line 5 to go through the Straits!

Judy Sarosik

Water is life! No pipeline! No tunnel! No Endbridge!!

Beverly Swope

Why should the MBA take over a Canadian Companies problems? If something goes bad, they will be faced with the blame! Makes no sense to me! Keep the MBA doing what it has done best in the past years!

Jennifer Schlicht
Borislav Miric
Jennie Hoffmann

Changing the MBA statue during a lame duck session of state government to benefit a foreign company says it all. A tunnel authority for a tunnel!

Sharon Nash

The bridge is essential to our states economy and must be protected.

Nancy Mickey

The mighty Mac should be our only concern. Big money will destroy this icon and the state

Patricia Olson

STOP!!! Please listen to the MBA and people of the State of MI.

William A Michael

We must not take risks with the sacred and pure waters of our Great Lakes. Nothing can replace water.

Darlene Hewitt
Deborah McNamara

Our livelihood in Northern Michigan depends on clean water. We must stop Enbridge now because later will be too late.

Denise Brown

Stop trying to bail out and subsidize private corporations with taxpayer money.

Mary Murray

This is an urgent issue. Pay attention

Mary Krzeminski

I support the effort to maintain the autonomy of the Mackinaw Bridge Authority! We all need to oppose this effort to tie a private company, and the oil transportation to our magnificent bridge. Most importantly we must support the current management of the bridge.

Marianne Murray

When Gov. John Engler appointed me to chair the Mackinac Bridge Authority, he had one request of me: Look After The Bridge. I am alarmed at the proposed dissolution of the Authority’s sole focus on the bridge. A recently introduced bill has the potential to seriously compromise the MBA’s effectiveness in managing Michigan’s most significant asset.
Read his statement to the Mackinac Bridge Authority

William Gnodtke

Outgoing Chairman, 1997-2018, Mackinac Bridge Authority

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