Anyone that has walked across this majestic span, driven from one peninsula to the next, or has even seen a Michigan license plate, can rest assured that the Mackinac Bridge Authority (MBA) has done a fantastic job at maintaining and operating the Mighty Mac.

If you believe that the MBA should have a sole purpose of maintaining and operating the bridge, and reject the addition of utility tunnel oversight, add your name here.

I strongly urge all those in Lansing and elsewhere to protect the Mackinac Bridge and to end attempts to significantly expand the Mackinac Bridge Authority’s role by assigning it responsibilities that have absolutely no relationship to the fundamental mission it has successfully carried out for 68 years.

Dan Musser III

President, Grand Hotel

Endorse an Independent MBA

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Jamie Winters

Keep the MBA independent!

Linda Graybill

No, no, no to legislative machinations that place the MBA in a position to manage a for-profit venchur for a corporation; American, Canadian, or otherwise.

Deborah Downing

Too many unknowns. I do not support the MBA overseeing this possible tunnel when there is no benefit to the state of Michigan and could be very costly.

Juanita Kelley

The MBA needs to continue the fine job of the care of upkeep of the Mackinac Bridge. They do not need to have something else pushed off on them just to keep a pipeline that we don't need in our state to begin with.

Fred Feleppa

Incompatible missions.

Donna Hunt

Keep the Mackinac Bridge Authority independent!

Theresa Frankenstein

It seems like we don't hear much about this down state. I've been hoping one of the news media groups would investigate the whole mess. I can't believe Snyder can do this! How can we stop/change this backroom deal, it's so wrong!

Matt Lemon

The bridge Authority has always been solely for maintaining the bridge. This seems like a way for politicians pass the buck so someone else gets the blame if it all goes south

Juli Ball
Kathryn Witte

Let's keep private interests out of public holdings! We sacrifice too much when we allow them .

Shelly Richardson

Leave the Mighty Mac Alone!!!😡🤬

Mary Abbott
Michael Niewiada
Kathleen Gallagher

Please leave the Mackinac Bridge alone! It is majestic and iconic,

Robert Kennedy
Joe Stearns

Please do not support or pass SH1197. The Mackinac Bridge Authority has been in existence since 1950 and has performed flawlessly because of it sharp focus and exceptional administration. It should not be mix Enbridge financial concerns, nor have eminent domain powers over its neighbors

Kelly Penner

Mackinaw Bridge is s icon of Michigan. Families have loved it and had memories there for many years. Keep things the way they have been!

Lisa OHare
Sara Sharp

We don't want outside people messing with one of the most beautiful structures on earth.

Kim Wright

When Gov. John Engler appointed me to chair the Mackinac Bridge Authority, he had one request of me: Look After The Bridge. I am alarmed at the proposed dissolution of the Authority’s sole focus on the bridge. A recently introduced bill has the potential to seriously compromise the MBA’s effectiveness in managing Michigan’s most significant asset.
Read his statement to the Mackinac Bridge Authority

William Gnodtke

Outgoing Chairman, 1997-2018, Mackinac Bridge Authority

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