Take Action to Protect the Mackinac Bridge

For 61 years, the Mackinac Bridge Authority has been independent. Their laser-like focus of looking after the Bridge has been successful. A new bill in the Michigan legislature would end that focus. The scheme to saddle the management of the Mackinac Bridge with oversight of building and running a tunnel for Enbridge and their Canadian oil under the Straits is dangerous. It puts the integrity of Michigan’s beloved icon in jeopardy. The bill is bad for the Bridge and bad for Michigan citizens.

There are several actions you can take to support an independent and secure Mackinac Bridge. Choose as many of the options below as you can.

Contact These Representatives

We’ve identified a list of Representatives that are either undecided about SB 1197 or they could be persuaded to vote no. Please contact/email each of the Reps listed here.

Endorse This Effort

Help to show the overwhelming public support to keep the Mackinac Bridge Authority independent, and the Bridge free from outside influence. Add your name to the list of supporters.

The Mackinac Bridge must be protected from outside influences and undue political pressure, and remain the independent authority that has served travelers and the State of Michigan so well. Plans calling for the Mackinac Bridge Authority to own the proposed Enbridge crude oil tunnel beneath the Straits of Mackinac are ill-advised and not in the best interests of the Mackinac Bridge.

Barbara Brown

Board Member, Mackinac Bridge Authority

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