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In 2005, there was an attempt to dilute the independence of the Mackinac Bridge Authority, so a bill was introduced in the Michigan legislature to keep the MBA as an independent body. The bill passed unanimously in the House.

Eighteen of those lawmakers who voted to keep the MBA independent are still in the Senate. We need your help to ask them to act on behalf of the bridge authority again. Send emails now to ask them to oppose Senate Bill 1197.

We need to do this in two batches because email can only be sent to ten lawmakers at a time or the email could be caught in their email spam folder. This email will be sent to S. Bieda, D. Booher, J. Brandenburg, J. Emmons, G. Hansen, D. Hildenbrand, M. Hood, H. Hopgood, J. Hune, and R. Jones.

After you send this first email, you’ll be directed to the second batch!

Feel free to customize the text in the email to make it your own. Letting these representatives know why this is important to you goes a long way.

New legislation was introduced on November 8 that would split the focus of the Mackinac Bridge Authority (MBA), a move that eight former board members of the Mackinac Bridge Authority say is a dangerous move.

Senate Bill 1197 would require the Mackinac Bridge Authority to oversee the construction and operation, and ownership of a risky utility tunnel that would take the focus away from maintaining the Mackinac Bridge.

Five previous governors have ensured the laser focus of the MBA to being an independent authority with one goal: Look After The Bridge. Adding a utility tunnel would dilute that focus. The primary customer for the use of the tunnel is the unreliable Canadian oil giant Enbridge – who has consistently misled the state about the conditions of their pipelines, and caused the largest inland oil spill when their pipeline ruptured into the Kalamazoo River in 2010.

If a tunnel for Canadian oil is really needed, then the state should go through the proper process and create an independent board specifically designed for such a purpose.

This legislation is bad news for the state, the people of Michigan, and for the Mackinac Bridge.

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